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Some Basics

I thought today we would look at a few basics of sharing the gospel. Lets start out with passing out literature such as the gospel of John, tracks and booklets. First we need to know were to get these items.

Gospel of Johns are a great tool to reach people with the good news as we saw last time that’s why the book was written. The best place in my opinion is because living water will send you 10 without charge which I guess would be for the average christian sharing there faith as they go through life, however I’m not that, I hope your not ether because you can get a box of a 100, now we’re talking. Whats great about living water? The box of a 100 is free too.

Wondering about tracks and booklets? The best place is that’s right simply belief has all your track needs. One can ether print them from the website or buy professionally done ones. They are great from children to adults they have booklets too and some great reads from Lucas Kitchen. He is a great author and bible teacher.

Now we got our literature to pass out how do we do that? What I like to do is place a tract in the gospel of John then go out on the streets, local College or town festivals anything were people are. I say “excuse me may I give you something to think about?” Most of the time they take it, sometimes they ask what it is? Just be honest tell them “Its a gospel of John with a tract in it an they explain how to have eternal life through Christ Jesus” that’s it they take it. I would say 90% of the time people will take the literature sometimes they want to talk right then an my next blog entry will be about that. However, I want to continue with this topic now. That’s in the streets or at a football game or something like that. Talking to a friend or family member is just as easy, ask the friend, lets say his name is Dave, just say something like this ” hey Dave, can I give you something to think about? Be honest, just like in the street, it works! Like I’ve said, we will discuss what to say when they want to talk next post. God bless


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